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Avenida Chiropractic carries a variety of Vemma products including Bod-e, Verve and Vemma Renew. Listen to the video below for an in-depth description from Dr. John Edwards of Vemma's main ingredient, Mangosteen, and how it can benefit your health.


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Adeeva - The Natural Choice of Healthcare  Professionals


Adeeva's targeted nutritional supplements are a necessary part of slowing and reversing the aspects of the aging process and reversing key aspects of the aging process, reducing risk of many degenerative diseases and helping to better manage a number of health conditions.


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Lose the Diet, Live the Plan!

Lose weight and keep it off with this scientifically-proven weight management program featuring the popular Super Food, "i26".


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Isagenix has products for Weight Loss and Energy & Performance.  These products are all natural and help detoxify your body.


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Or, if you would prefer a one-on-one appointment to learn more about Isagenix products, please contact our office at 403.271.6611.